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Chinese TV show and Movie streaming websites?


I am looking for a website that is like Netflix but has films in Chinese (Mandarin), preferably US and UK films and TV shows but dubbed or subtitled in Mandarin, I don't mind paying for a monthly service if it is good...


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    I get stuff using PPStream and 风行. 风行 downloads mp4 files in a folder so I can pass it over to a memory and I can watch on the TV instead of the computer.
    There are tablet android versions of both programs.

    I would recommend you the above website even though it's all in Chinese...I often search for the US TV shows there.

    Basically, you could find and download most of the US and UK TV shows/series with Chinese and English subtitles simultaneously, as well as some of the US films (and in different formats, sizes).


    This one is called SOKU and it is a mix between a sort of Chinese YouTube and a movie/tv show streaming site. If you're not sure what to search for, just start by clicking one of the images around the search bar to get started. You can find all kinds of stuff on there just by clicking around:

    This is a site with videos specifically for learning Mandarin:

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