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How do you get into watching movies in another language?


My French isn't that great but I want to start watching movies in French. It seems a little intimidating at this stage because I don't know much French, plus they speak so fast that it is hard to hear what they are saying anyhow. Should I just be picking a scene and playing it over and over again, trying to pick out what is being said or what other technique should you employ to do this? I tried watching Disney's Frozen with both the French audio and French subtitles on. The problem with that though is that what is being said and what is written on the screen doesn't match up most of the time. My French isn't that good but I can still pick out when they don't finish the entire sentence displayed on the screen or when they use different words or even entirely different sentences. Perhaps that is because the French subtitles are actually meant to go along with the English audio and not with the French audio which has been altered somewhat for the French audience? Ugh LOL

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    I suggest you watch movies in French without subtitles. Start with movies you already know very well (almost by heart) and enjoy watching the movies! It will allow you to associate dialogues in French with a situation that you understand. Don't worry if you don't understand the dialogues. The language is actually taking roots in your brain effortless.

    To sum up:
    Enjoy watching the movie (pleasure is very important to learn a language : avoid frustration ;) ).
    Don't try to get an in-depth understanding (at this stage).

    Personnaly, I have started learning Russian for a few weeks and I have already started watching movies in Russian. To be honnest, I don't understand anything, but I don't worry about it. I know that its going to come. I also try to repeat what the characters say, even if I cannot understand a word of the sentence I repeat. :D



    I have been living in Slovenia for the past few years and synchronizing (recording and editing) cartoons from English to Slovenian. We did Frozen too, I just didn't work on it myself. Translations, expressions, jokes, length, rthyhtm, a lot of it changes, some sentences completely by the time it's been localized. Disney movies do get the best translation that the money can buy buy a lot of it is quite literally lost in translation and a few things get changed during the recording by a local "director", typically an actor who pays more attention to performances than the language. Some do it more than others and I try to pitch in whenever I recognize the differences, wheter it's minute details or a complete shift of focus. So right off the bat, the language that you are getting in La Reine des Neiges is not the best French that you should be learning from. Also, because of my girlfriend I have to watch English movies and series with subs (though it helped me with True Detective) and I have noticed that often they don't exactly match the spoken language. I assume that's because some of them are not transcribed, but the text is provided from some point in time after which it was changed, like during what we do at work. And then add an English speaking person who tweaks the timing of those subs and you get a bit of le cluster-baise, non!

    (continues in comment…) has a lot of movies in their native language with subtitles. That's what I do with Thai. I know there is some French stuff there, maybe not a lot, but it's helpful to be able to understand the plot etc. or else it gets boring haha. then you can move onto game shows without subtitles because those are pretty easy to understand.

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