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what does "puedo" mean?

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    i can
    Hola! puedo means I can - I may; Can I ...? - May I ....?

    the verb can is the verb poder in spanish,when you use pronouns as Y or you,he,she...the verb changes:
    Y can = Yo puedo(affirmative form)
    Y can not = Yo no puedo(negative form)
    may Y can? = Puedo....?
    See you next time

    puedo, this is the verb "poder" in spanish conjugated for the first person means yo puedo has the same functions CAN has in English.. expresses permission, possibility ability... the conjugation is simple in present...
    yo puedo
    tu puedes
    el puede
    ella puede
    eso puede
    nosotros podemos
    ustedes pueden
    ellos pueden

    en fin, todo podemos aprender idiomas!! - we all can learn languages!!
    Puedo, viene del verbo poder. Ejemplo: Yo puedo nadar. Carlos puede bailar.

    'puedo' Is the first person form of 'poder', which is a verb meaning 'to be able to'

    You would use it for saying things you are capable of doing, be it right now, or something you're planning to do later.

    Yo puedo levantar autos [I can lift cars]
    Yo puedo traer los manteles [I can bring the tablecloths. Here we're using it for 'future']

    be careful to not confuse it with a word written exactly the same, 'poder', which means 'might, strenght'

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