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how can i say i am david in portuguese?

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    I am David = Eu sou David.
    My name is David = Meu nome é David.
    Hi, I'm David, nice to meet you = Oi, meu nome é David, muito prazer.


    hi! you can say:
    meu nome é David
    hi,you can to say Eu sou David,prazer!im david nice to meet you

    Hi, David. It is better to say:
    "Meu nome é David."
    I think "Eu sou David" is not the same as in English. If you say this, it means the person already know about you, already looking for you.
    Seeya / Até Mais
    portugal nao e brasil
    Dear Marcelo Carlos, 'Portuguese' is the language and NOT a country o.O
    We don't speak 'Brazilian'. Is right that some words is different in both country or some conjugation, but you use Portuguese (Brazil) or Portuguese (Portugal). As English (USA) or English (British). Got it?

    Answering the question: is what they said before, but if you want to translate your name, it could be Daví (and of course, we don't translate names, it's only curiosity =D )

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