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Can someone please tell me why this sentence uses "不要" AND "放"?

Here is the sentence:


It means, "I don't want MSG in the dish, and only add a little hot pepper".

"不要" obviously doesn't mean "don't" in this situation- it means "don't want". But if it does, they why must the speaker add "放" afterwards, if it's already understood the man doesn't want MSG in his dish?

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    It literally means "In dish don't put MSG"

    Actually, here 不要 means "don't" and 放 means "put" .

    不要味精= dont want MSG
    不要放味精= dont put MSG

    菜 里 不 要 放 味精, 少 放 辣椒。
    dish inside don't put MSG, little put pepper
    放 means "put"
    don't put MSG into the dish, put just a little pepper

    要 has two meanings:
    1) want
    2) should

    here, we use the second meaning: should
    不要: shouldn't
    不要放: shouldn't 放

    another example:
    I want to go there. (我 想/要 去那里。)(because there is funny, if I dont go there, nothing serious will happen)
    in this case, 要 and 想 are the same but 要 is stronger

    I should go there. (我 要 去那里。)(because I work there, if I dont go there, something serious will happen)

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