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What could be the best steps in learning the Korean language?

I already know how to read and write in Hangul. I still only know a few words/phrases. I watch dramas/movies. What else can I do to learn more of it?

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    1) Find yourself a good motivation if you haven't one already
    2) If you can already read start learning vocabulary - at best vocabulary in use and not just english - korean
    3) find yourself a good book (depending on your learning style) - personally I'd look for one that is about grammar ...
    4) find people to learn with
    5) find people that speak Korean if possible
    6) travel to Korea if possible :D

    Depending on your resources, find an online Korean tutor -- there are a number of them. Otherwise there are a number of Koreans on this site who are interested in learning English.
    Congratulations on your literacy skills in Hangul.

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