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Paano sabihin sa Tagalog ang, "Love came down."

Pag ibig......bumaba or nahulog?
Is there another verb for I should use or just another verb for came down.

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    Literally, it would be: Bumabá ang pag-ibig. However, if you are using it idiomatically, there may be another way to say it depending on your intended meaning.

    We don't use accent marks in our spellings, but I placed one in "bumaba" to guide you on its correct pronunciation. Bumabá = to step down; to descend. Bumába = to recede; to reduce/decrease in value or measure.

    Did you mean Fall in Love or something? if you mean Fall in Love, then it is literally "Nahulog sa pag-ibig" but you can say "Nahulog ang loob ko" to sound more natural. :)

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