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#20 lets test people who are learning Arabic :)

First iam a native Arabic speaker
I will put a question or two daily for people who are learning Arabic as a kind of training
it would be simple and easy
You just have to respond to it after a good understanding

follow that steps before answering the question:

1-Try to understand the question by yourself if you find a strange word use a translator "ex:google translation
2-Translate every indvidual word in the question and know the meaning so you can use later
3-Listen to pronunciation of every word you translate in "google translation
4-Answer the question in arabic by yourself or search internet
5-understand the answer very well because i may ask u

feel free to contact me anytime inbox or skype
encourage yourself and people who answer my questions by positive comments
answer by the way want ..we are one family here :)

Good Luck :)

ما هي الاشياء التي تقوم بها في اليوم الواحد؟

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    أما إذا كان في يوم عمل أي من يوم الاثنين إلى يوم الجمعة في اندونيسيا فعلي ان أذهب للعمل في الساعة السابعة صباحا وأرجع إلى البيت في الساعة الرابعة ونصف مساء. و أقضى الوقت لنفسي بعد ذلك حتى ان أنام في الساعة الثانية عشر تقريبا.

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