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May you help me with Korean?

I've heard this quite a lot but I'm never sure what it means: "같아요" - Does it mean "I think" or 'it seems like"? Can you give me some examples?

► Is there any difference between the following sentences?
• 내가 영어 잘 하는데.
• 내가 영어 잘 해요.

► How do you say "Are you angry at me" in Korean?
• Are you angry(mad) at me?

► How do you say in Korean: "Since"
• Since I will go to Korea, I want to speak Korean fluently.
• Since I lived here for 5 years, I know the city very well.
• Since we have dated for 10 years, we will get married.


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    1 같아요 means "I think, I guess or something. But Koreans didn't say 같아요 at past. It's from English translation.
    e.g. 그게 맞는 것 같아요. I think that is right.
    2 내가 영어 잘하는데 sounds hesitative. The speaker wants to hear the reaction or opinion of the listener about the saying. So to speak, 내가 영어 잘하는데, 넌 어떻게 생각하니?
    내가 영어 잘해요 is I have a good command of English. That's it.
    3 나한테 화났어요?
    4 ~ 서, ~ 때문
    한국에 갈거라서 한국어 잘하고 싶어.
    5년 동안 이곳에 살아서 이제는 잘 알아.
    10년 동안 만났기 때문에 우리 결혼할거야.

    I hope I helped you. :-)

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