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Filipino alphabets

Did Filipino has alphabets? If so, what's it?

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    The Philippine alphabet had been altered so many times to maintain adaptability to changing conditions. The recent most alteration was of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which stated that the Filipino alphabet must be consisted of the 26 ISO Basic Latin Alphabet + Spanish "Ñ" + Austronesian diagraph "NG". The order goes like this:


    Now, scripts are a whole lot different issue.

    Please go to this site to see and hear the Filipino alphabets:

    There have been several alphabets used to write various languages of the Philippines in pre-colonial times. Like other South-East Asian alphabets (or "abugidas" to be more precise), they were derived from the Brahmic scripts of India. The Buhid, Baybayin and Hanunó'o scripts are examples. I'm not sure if any of them are still used.

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