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What's the exact difference between sino Korean and pure kran numbers? how do I say what the time?

안녕하세요! So I know that in Korean there are two different number systems one is sino-Korean and other pure Korean. So pure Korean numbers are used to say hours when saying thel time, counting objects or people and telling your age. Sino numbers are used for minutes, addresses, phone numbers, money. Am I right? So what else should I remember about it? And then how do I say in Korean 'it's 22:35 now' ?

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    Yes, the examples you used are all correct, however I think this is one of the things you just have to get used to as they are not used in that way strictly. For example, people could use or use both(more likely) pure Korean and sino Korean when telling their phone numbers.

    And 22:35 -> 열시 삼십오분 or 이십이시 삼십오분
    both ways can be used but 열시 삼십오분 is used more commonly!

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