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Is お世辞 something that is said merely to be polite, whether it's sincere or not?
Is there a different word for a sincere compliment?

Or, like おもしろい, is the meaning in the context?


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    お世辞 is based on lies and not facts. A person who always tell you facts is a honest person but I wonder if he can live well with others. Whether it's wrong or not, I think お世辞 is just a kind of social lubricant.

    This word お世辞 common meaning is flattery. あなたはお世辞ばかり言う (You always say flattery only) Therefore when speak out This word it is not good. but for example like 彼女の 言った事は お世辞だと思うけど 嬉しいな ( her saying should be compliment but I feel happy) . If this way which like you think about the others words. It change meaning good. In Japanese customs use good comment to others which is お世辞 Even if the person stand opposed side.So that お世辞 itself is untrue. But case by case it is true or not true should be judge yourself.

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