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Paano sabihin sa Tagalog ang wipe?

Is there more than one word for "wipe" in Tagalog?

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    Wipe = Púnas

    She wipes tables. = Nagpupúnas siya ng mga lamesa/mesa.
    Wipe the table. = Punásan mo ang lamesa/mesa.
    I will wipe the table later. = Pupunásan ko ang mesa mamaya.
    He does nothing else, but wipe tables. = Wala na siyang ibang ginawa kung di magpúnas ng mga mesa.

    I just realized that you had another question about "wipe". "Punas" is really the word for "wipe". However, there's this other related word, "pahid", which we use it to mean "apply on". Apply this on your skin. = "Ipahid mo ito sa balat mo". However, sometimes we may say, "Pahiran mo ang mesa", which also means, "Wipe the table".

    Also, just in case you meant "wipe" as a noun, the word is "pamunas".

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