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Please Could you explain the meaning of this?

Kitna Hasin Chaand Sa Chehra Hai
Uspe Shabab Ka Rang Gehra Hai
Khuda Ko Yakin Na Tha Wafa Pe
Tabhi To Ek Chaand Pe Hazaaro Taaro Ka Pehra Hai

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    Note: These are lines from a (perhaps Urdu) poem so they should not be taken literally.

    Translated into English:-

    Such a beautiful moon-like face (you have)...
    The color of youth runs deep..
    Even the lord doesn't believe in loyalty..
    That is why one moon is (needs to be?) protected/watched/guarded by thousands of stars...

    I think some of these terms could have special poetic meanings that I'm not aware of. For e.g. Wafa is a girls name, but it can also mean loyalty/dedication/belief etc. (Here, its unlikely to mean a girls name). There is also some moon related symbolism in Urdu poetry. So, my interpretation might not be the most accurate.

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