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whats the meaning of "LaLa" in pakistan / india ?

jab mai pakistani loug baat karthe hue sunta hua, khaas taur par kashmiri pakistanis , mai yeh lafz ziada se ziada note kartha hu,,

mere khayaal hai , iska matlab hai "brother" lekin mujhe yakeen karna chaata hu,

kya lafz urdu hai?,, ya panjabi ? ya kashmiri? ya poora pakistan mein raaich hai? aur kya ham is lafz ko India mein bahi paayenge ???

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    Lala has many meanings:
    1. It is the name of the tulip flower, usually called gul-e-lala (flower of tulip).
    2. It is used for calling the brother with respect but not throughout Pakistan.
    3. In Pakistan it is used to address a member of the "Pashtun" tribe usually called "pathans" (their mother tongue is called Pashtu). A famous Pashtun cricketer Shahid Afridi is also called by his nick name "lala" by his team mates.
    3. In India, Lala (or lal) is used as a surname or honorific title:

    this means "brother" but mostly used to call elder brother with respect.

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