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is there variation in word pronounciation in urdu ???

for example

i have heard "bahaar" also pronounced as "baahir" - outside

"mausam" also pronounced as "maausim" - weather i believe these two examples have the same meaning am i right ???

is one more common than the other ? are they regional differences in pakistan/india ?

can someone give me some more common examples of variation in pronounciation ??

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    Baahir is the correct pronunciation but "i" has a short vowel sound.
    Like Arabic, short vowel are not written in Urdu, so any one reading Urdu can pronounce a word differently. Baahir and Baahar are written as "باہر ".
    The pronunciation baahar is wrong. Bahaar (بہار), as you wrote, is the spring season.
    Similarly the pronunciation "mausam" is correct:

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