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German verb placement...

So i heard that German verb placement is always in the 'second position' in the sentence (ie, subject + verb + other stuff) and then i came across the phrase 'Kannst du mir helfen?' which is basically asking someone for help- 'Can you help me?'.

Now obviously in the sentence we have the verb 'can' first.

Am i right in thinking that this is because the 'verb comes in second position' rule is only for statements and not questions?

Vielen dank!

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    Yes. Some remarks, though: (1) It can be true for questions too if they start with a question word ("Wer ist das?"). (2) It's not always *subject* + verb + ..., but the first position can be occupied by other parts of the sentence too ("Heute arbeite ich"). (3) The verb is in second position only in main clauses, not in subordinate ones ("... weil es regnet").

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