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行く - いく? ゆく?

発音を使うことは、規則がありますか? Is there a rule about when to use the different pronunciations of 行く?

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    An interesting question! Of course, both are the same meanings. I've realized after you had questioned that "いく" is mostly used in conversation and "ゆく" is rather sometimes used in sentences. We also use "いく" to write normal sentences, not like poems.
    I (and probably most Japanese people) have never thought about the rule of their pronunciations.

    I've checked the following site in detail (It's in Japanese, but just so you know). It says the same thing I explained above. Also, it says there are some exceptions even in conversation. One of them is 行く年(”ゆく”とし), the passing year, which would have been used for a long time ago and recognized as a phrase. I agree with this explanation.

    Also, I found in its explanation that both have been used at least since 1250 years ago and at that time, "ゆく" could have been common in conversation.

    I was able to learn a lot from your question. But, simply, "いく" is always natural at any situations.

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