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German Word Order

Just watched a video which has a slide on it saying:

'The golden rule in German is TIME, MANNER, PLACE. In German, expressions involving these elements MUST BE EXACTLY IN THAT ORDER.


Er fährt am Mittwoch mit dem Zug nach Berlin.

If you want to place emphasis on one element, you can move it to the front, and the rest follow in normal order.


Mit dem Zug fährt er am Mittwoch nach Berlin.'

So needless to say, after a sentence saying (and emphasising) that it MUST ALWAYS be time, manner, then goes on to change this to manner, time, place.

Needless to say i am very confused.

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    Perhaps they should have made it clearer that the first statement only refers to sentences where you don't want to emphasize any of the parts in particular: then you have the subject in the first position, and time, manner, place follow after the verb in that order. Moving something else to the front is possible, but puts emphasis on it.

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