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お母さんとお父さんと言うはずですか?英語でそれは気まずいだね。たとえば英語でMr. SmithとMrs. Smithを使いますから、問題じゃない。それとも英語で、苗字のではなく名前を使いるんだ。でも日本語で苗字を使えたいれば、どうやって二人に区別しますか?余り分かりないけどさ・・・笑 助けようとしてください。:)

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    I answer you what you asked was how you call your friend's parents.

    The answer is it depends on your age.

    Young ages, like you, can call them "おじさん" or "おばさん" .

    There are no diffinite border line, but ages over thirty, we call friend's parents "お父さん" or "お母さん".

    But I think, you are living in Canada, and you'd like to talk with your neighbors or real friend's parents around you, you can follow your Canadian way. If you usually call them their first name, you can do it. Put -さん after their first name, sounds better.

    In addition, in Japan, we never call friend's parents first name when we are teenagers. If you do that, everybody say "What?" hahaha.

    Sorry, I'm not good at English, but I hope this can help you.

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