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Translate these phrases into korean for me? :(

"You've been mad at me since i was 15. I'm almost 18 now"
"I honestly don't know why you're mad at me, But I'm pretty sure it's a misunderstanding"
"Hopefully i'll be able to explain to you when my Korean is better"

Thank you so much in advance <3 You're beautiful. Just letting you know you are~

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    1. 당신은 제가 15살일때부터 저에게 화가 나있었죠, 전 이제 18살이랍니다.
    2.솔직히 당신이 정확하게 왜 화가 났는지는 모르겠어요. 하지만 분명 오해에서 비롯되었을거라고 생각해요.
    3.제가 한국어에 능숙해지면 꼭 해명하고 싶어요.

    I hope everything gonna be alright.

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