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Is there any method on improving your listening skills in Korean?

I try to listen carefully when people speak, but it seems like the words "slip through my fingers" and I never get a grasp of what they're saying. I've tried listening to audio tapes and watching videos of Native Korean Speakers in Daily Conversation, but it always goes over my head! Am I doing something wrong?

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    Watching Dramas ( not old korean dramas) or some korean programs which are available in kbs world or arirang ,
    First thing you have to do is take a paper and a pen !!!
    Write the words which you can understand in the drama For Example : If in the video said " 빨리" and if you understand the meaning write it down on your paper or you can watch dramas with hangul subtitles !! That's more helpful and another thing is keep on touch with korean native speaker or people who can speak in korea not only in here but actually in your real life.

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