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Why is 꽃잎 pronounced as 꼰닙?

Is there are rule that can explain why 꽃잎 is pronounced as 꼰닙? Are there other words/examples which this rule is also applied to? If so, I would really appreciate it if someone can explain it for me. Many thanks!

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    I'm not Korean and beginner. I noticed a lot of words sound similar with others, but the pronounciation is different though. However if a Korean speaks fast you'll not notice the difference, I think it somehow ressembles any other languages, when you speak fast in your native language you don't get aware of but you make similar sound for an external listener that is not confortable with your tongue. Anyways but you understand your native people because your brain treats the word in the context of the sentence. The more you'll be confortable with Korean the easier you will differienciate the words though as they sound similar.

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