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Is that okay saying this way?

For instance
I'm a physicist... if to be clear a radiophysicist.
I'm curioused about the expression "if to be clear". As I understand it specifies something what was said before the expression, right?

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    I don´t know what you´re thinking in this sentence.
    I need more context. :D

    I think there is not any grammatical problem.

    'if to be clear' does not mean anything.
    'to be clear' - means something like 'I will rephrase what I have just said, in the hope that it will be clearer to you'.
    Your example is not very good, as you have not explained or rephrased something, you have said something more specific.
    It would also normally be said as 'to make myself clear', or as a question - 'have I made myself clear?'
    e.g. I want that bedroom tidied up tonight! To make myself clear - I expect that floor to be clear, and all those clothes in the cupboard'.

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