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Meaning of these words?


Many thank!! xD

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    * 캐리해

    I can't imagine what it means.... misspelling or teen's term I guess

    * 빠삭해 (to know very well about sth or to have a great knowledge in sth)

    예) 내가 자동차에 대해서는 빠삭해 ( I know car very well)
    내가 2NE1은 빠삭해 ( I almost know everything of 2NE1 ) ----> Big fan

    * 켜줭 the charming and cute version of 켜줘(please turn it on)

    예) 밥 사줘 ---> 밥 사줭 or 밥 사줘잉~ or etc

    * 캐리하다

    other person already answered, so I just answer about '캐리하다"

    it origin from game league of legends (LOL or 롤)

    it means " lead to (win)"

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