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'야! 너 누 눈깔이 왜 그래'가 뭐야 ?

안녕하세요 여러분,

"내 사랑 싸가지"라는 한국영화에서 한 배우가 이런 대사를 해요:

'야! 너 누 눈깔이 왜 그래'

1) "누"
2) "깔"
3) 그 문장은

위에 저것들을 설명해주실 수 있나요 ?


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    He/She was surprised and stuttering "야, 너 누.. 눈깔이 왜그래?" In English, "What's wrong with yo..your eyes!" As for 눈깔, Vulgar word for 눈(eye). Yeah, technically... for "눈알"

    눈깔 is a vulgar word for 눈알 (eyeballs).
    The sentence can be put into English as;
    why are your eyeballs like that? (kind of word for word translation)
    What's wrong with your eyeballs?
    What happen to your eyeballs?

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