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The usage of 한 것이에요

I always confuse about how to use '한 것이다' or '한 것이에요'. Especially in this sentence "앞뒤 안보고 한 것이에요." What does it means here? Does it means "I'm not looking back and forth" or "It's not something to be looked back and forth"? or none of these two. Please help me. Thank you.

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    Literally "앞뒤 안보고 한거예요" could be translated into "i did it without looking back and forth"

    But implied meaning is that I put into an action except considering about what will happen after the action.

    I might be still missing something but I'd like to give it a try =)

    in Korean, there are following grammar patterns with 것 (or its shortened form - 거) -
    verb stem+(으)ㄴ 것 (or 거)+이다 for the past
    verb stem+는 것 (or 거)+이다 for the present
    verb stem+(으)ㄹ 것 (or 거)+이다 for the future

    thus, basically you can say almost the same using two different approaches - a verb itself or one of the mentioned grammar patterns -
    했어요 or 한 것이에요 or 한 거예요 = done, have done
    해요 or 하는 것이에요 or 하는 거예요 = do
    하겠어요 or 할 것이에요 or 할 거예요 = will be doing

    in addition, consider that 것 litelally means 'thing' which gives you an effect like this:
    뭐 해요? What do you do?
    뭐 하고 있어요? What are you doing?
    뭐 하는 거예요? What is the thing that you do?

    summing up, 한 것이에요 means something like -
    It is (for the 이에요) the-thing-that-was-done (for the 한 것)

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