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What does "Semuka" mean in Indonesian? Apa berarti "semuka" di bahasa Inggris?


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    semuka = dalam satu muka = in one face, look alike
    as I know, semuka doesn't have a proper meaning in indonesia. but yes, we can always create a new (slang) word as long as it makes sense.
    wife: "Lihatlah di cermin, kamu dan anakmu semuka!"
    husband: "Apa maksudmu "semuka"?
    wife: "Ya miriplah...!"

    Se+object means Se = all Muka = Face >>>> Se-Muka = all face

    The base is 'muka' = Noun (face) or direction.
    'Se-" is a prefix, it will add some meaning to the noun.
    'Se-" will add some meaning, depend on the context you want to use.
    for example :
    (1) to indicate one item, a unit or unity (like "a" or "the" in English)
    example: sebuah {se+buah} (noun) = a piece; one piece; the piece
    (2) to mean throughout or completely affected by
    example: sepenuh {se+penuh} (adverb) = fully; completely; entirely
    (3) to mean being similar to or having the same level or degree
    example: seragam {se+ragam} (adjective) = uniform; similar; alike
    (4) to indicate a similar time occurrence or other connection with time
    example: seterima {se+terima} (adverb) = on receipt; when accepted
    example: sesudah {se+sudah} (adverb) = after; subsequent to

    In this context :
    semuka --> 1. all over your face : Pakai bedaknya semuka, ya. (use the powder all over your face, ok)
    2. same face : Kamu semuka sama ibumu (you had your mother's face)
    3. one direction or position (v) : Bukunya disusun semuka ya. (Please arrange the book in one direction)

    sorry for crappy english.

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