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The use of ba'zi, meghdar and meghdari?


I am having a lot of trouble using these words بعضی، مقدار و مقداری

Is ba'zi only used for 'some' people'?

What is the difference between meghdar and meghdari and when do you use these words?


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    you say "meghdar" or "meghdari" when you are talking about amount of something. maybe we can say "meghdar" means "amount", and "meghdari" means "some". for example when you say "meghdari panir" it means "some cheese"

    The most straightforward answer that I can give you:

    Ba'zi= بعضی= Some of

    Note that in most of the times بعضی is followed by از (az).
    بعضی از مردم = some of people
    Even when there is no از the meaning of ba'zi is: some of

    Meghdar= مقدار = amount

    Meghdari= مقداری = an amount (of)

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