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Hello everyone,

I have massive trouble with Dutch grammar. I am a native English speaker, and a grammar Nazi, and think that speaking with correct grammar.

Are there any simple and steadfast rules? If no, then does anyone have anything I can read to improve my grammar.

If you reply in English then I will have more chance of understanding exactly what you mean.


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    You might find this website useful:
    Can you see that list on the top-left that starts with "Spelling and pronunciation"? Each of those links will lead you to a page like this one:
    From there, you can see a list of pages describing various grammar rules down the left of the page.

    It's very comprehensive, but the main problem with it is that it's organised so you can find information easily rather than being in an order suitable for a learner. For example, if you read all the pages in order you wouldn't begin to learn about word order until after completely reading all the categories before that (spelling and pronunciation, verbs, nouns and articles etc.). If you don't intend to use your Dutch before you've read everything that might be okay, but otherwise you'll have to navigate to each page as you need it.

    I've also found a surprising amount of Dutch grammar books at second hand book stores. A lot of them are a bit old and not in the best condition, but they can be very useful.

    I use the website above. I also use Bruce Donaldson Dutch Grammar and Jenneke Oosterhof's Basic and Intermediate Grammar. I am self taught as there are no Dutch classes where I live.

    How I've learned grammar for speaking is doing it through writing! I write about things that I'm interested in and then work out the grammar I need. But this means you need to know your English grammar! (So that's a bit of a problem if your grammar is a bit rubbish in English). My written Dutch is much better than my spoken Dutch which I'm now working on, but at least means I only have to bother about vocabulary and having the confidence to speak as the basic grammar is under my belt.

    If your grammar IS rubbish, why not just work through a book with exercises - like Jenneke Oosterhof'. All three books are available through Amazon and cost a fortune!

    Though Benny Lewis (great website) says you just need to get talking with someone patient who will correct you!

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