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What is the best way to start learning Thai?

Do I start with thai letters or do I first learn basic phrases? What is the most effective way if I don't have a proper teacher and only try to learn something on my own?

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    If u want to speak and listening u just learn vocabulary first (pronounciation later) coz our grammar not that hard. If u can remember lots of vocab, u pass 50% also no need to change verb,adj,plural,no gender. And u try to speak and listen to native. but if read and write it will take time

    I agree with Lalita. It totally depends on your goal. If you aim just to communicate with people, starting with basic phrases would be enough, but if you desire to read Thai novel or work in Thailand, you might need to start from letters. Additionally, it depends on your learning style as well. Someone likes to watch drama, some like to chat, or some might like to read articles. These activities improve you different type of skills. It's up to you. :)

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