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Need to learn some basics in french for holidays.

Hey guys, next september i will go to algeria to visit the family of my boyfriend and I need help to learn some french before i go because arabic is really too hard for me ;) So I hope somebody can help me. I would really appreciate that!! Thx in advance...

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    french is too hard to me but my friend salima can help you.she is residing over there in algeria.
    u beeter contact 2606 which is salima's profile status in italki which is on my friends web page.i hope she can help u a lot.have a good time with your bf............cannan
    je suis un jeune algerien age de 17 ans je veux t'aider pour apprendre la langue française si tu veux

    hey, welkom to Algeria. i will help you .

    hi u welcome to algeria i will help u

    je suis ravi je vais t'aider a apprendre le français

    i can't help u ....if u will come to egypt i will help :)

    I can help u > u are welcome

    If you want Ican help you.some day

    Si vous voulez, je peux vous aider a parler le francais.

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