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Words in Icelandic

Hállo everybody. I am using Italki for the first time, I hope I get a nice exprience here.

Well, I have two questions. First, does somebody know where I could find an Icelandic-English dictionary online? It is because I was searching for words definitions, but I am using Google translator, and sometimes there are two words which means the same. So I'm not sure the translation is doing well its job. Besides, to be sure, it's better to consult a dictionary.

Second, what is the difference between these words?:
-Andvari & Gola
-Fjara & Ströndin

Thank you all! Nice week

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    Sæll Pedro. Here is a good online Icelandic-English dictionary:

    As for the difference between those words: I don't know exactly. I wouldn't care too much. You will find out by repeatedly reading those words in context. Anyway, a native speaker will probably be able to tell you the difference, if you need it right now. :)

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