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The difference between 気がすすまない and 不承不承

When I looked up the dictionary, they both have the meaning of "reluctant".

I wonder if the two words are interchangeable. If not, can you give me some examples how are they used differently?

Thanks in advanced.

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    不承不承is like it's a thing you are unwilling to do always. 気が進まないis like you are not in the mood of doing something now or today or .... eg 1 歌うのが苦手けど、周りの人から強く求められて、不承不承と歌った。 eg2 毎日日本語を4時間勉強しているが、今日はあんまり気が進まないので、勉強しなかった。

    Sophia's answer is pretty much correct. I'd just add that 不承不承 isn't quite as common, and that 気が進まない is usually used as a sentence predicate whereas 不承不承 is used as an adverb.

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