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What is the difference between "En" and "Ett"?

I'm completely new to this language.
Why is it ett grönt äpple, not en grönt äpple?
Can you give me an explanation and make some sentences what situation they are used? Tack! :)

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    I am not an expert, just a student who is currently finishing her Swedish studies. At school they told us that there was no rule for the en and ett words. You just have to learn them the way they are and that is all. Sometimes you can guess in which case use en and in which use ett, by how they sound, but that is not the best idea.
    Best of lucks!
    So, sit, relax and enjoy the ride! Swedish language is fun to learn!

    I think that maybe that's the most difficult thing about the Swedish grammar, because there are no rule, you just have to learn it.
    But how ever you say it people will understand since the meaning is the same.
    Good luck :)

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