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About the Cyrillic alphabet...

How do I keep myself from confusing similar Russian and English letters? It keeps getting in the way of my studies.

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    I would recommend an exercise like: make a list of the letters that confuse you.

    For example:

    Then, look for words that contain these letters, but look for words that are cognates in English. For example:

    Мотор: Meaning "engine" but sharing the same Latin root with English "motoris" meaning "motion".
    Канада = Canada... it will be easy to understand that H is not "h" but "N".
    Вино meaning "wine"... think of German with a strong accent saying "wine"... (no offense to Germans).
    In the case of Х I would recommend making an association with the Chistian symbol "Chi Rho" which is a X and a P joined together (I cannot make that symbol on my computer, but you can look it up) the symbol is the first to letters of Chistus, in Greek "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ". Russian uses these letters too. Though, the word "Christ" is in many languages pronounced as "k"... it was originally pronounced as "ch" in German and that is the same sound that X has. It is a little more complex to remember... but at least that association worked for me :p You can make your own. I hope this helps.


    With practice you will make mistakes less often, in the meantime try not to stress about it too much, it will come.


    Yes, I like this idea. It is good to use the names of countries and one more useful thing is logos. Do you live in Russia? if yes, just read them in streets. And it will be good to practice writing. If not - find fotos of them in the Internet. Макдоналдс, Cабвей, Сбарро, КФС, Мучачос, Стокманн, Бургер Кинг, Пицца Хат, Ив Роше, Старбакс Кофе, Данкин Донатс. And also words like банк, туалет, театр,информация, аудио-видео, метро, паркинг, Фитнес клуб, фотоцентр ...

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