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Difference between السفير العربي and السفير عربي?

i'm thinking

السفير العربي = the arab ambassador; and

السفير عربي = the ambassador is (an) arab / the ambassador is arabic

am i correct?

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    You are right. It is correct.

    whenever there is a word before the noun that starts with الـ (maa'refah)* that means it is an adjective.

    If you you say السفير العربي = the listener already knows about this information (that he is an arab)
    But if you say السفير عربي = the listener doesn't know this information (that he is an arab)

    الفتاة الجميلة = the beautiful girl
    الفتاة جميلة = the girl is beautiful

    as you can see here جميلة without الـ (nakerah)**
    and again in your example عربي without الـ that means you are telling a new information that the listener doesn't know about.

    * Maa'refah means known (with الـ )
    ** Nakerah means unknown (without الـ)

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