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"She has not heard from you."

I was recently on I came across this phrase to be translate from English, "She has not heard from you." It gave me the following answers.

1)Ela não ouviu com ti.
2)Ela não sabe de você. & another answer.

Naturally i went with number 1 but I was wrong and it was number 2, which to me translates as she does not know you.

Can anyone explain to me the reason why?

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    Hello Timmy-Turner,
    For me both translations are incorrect. The expression "to hear from somebody" should be translated as "ter notícias de alguém" (literally: to get news from someone) Therefore, she hasn't heard from you" should be translated as : Ela não teve notícias suas. The first phrase does not mean anything ( she heared with you). The second means "she does not know about you". I hope I've helped you. Best regards!

    I think the translate to portuguese is "ela não ouviu você" .it don't have "ela não ouviu com ti".it's wrong and "Ela não sabe de você" has it, but "saber" in english is "to know".

    "Saber de" can also be translated as "to hear from somebody", "get news from somebody" at least where I live in Brazil, but it's colloquial (just google "sabe dele" or "sabe dela" and you'll get some examples). The best translation would be "ter notícias de".
    The first sentence mean "she didn't hear/listen with you" (actually, "com ti" should be "contigo"), so it sounds incomplete (she didn't hear what with you?) and it's not the correct translation.

    I also use Duolingo, and while it is a great resource, my sister was using it to help with her Spanish and I notice some key errors that would be easily picked up by a native speaker. It is better to use Duolingo alongside a resource like where you can check with native speakers as to what they would say.

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