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1. In Chinese, is it ok to use the expression "my country" as 我的国家? I have always been unsure about this because I am afraid it will sound like I actually own the country :p

2. "they teach English and Chinese at the school" but I have no idea how to say this.

3. How do you say this: "I have studied Chinese for many years, but it has been on and off"

and this: "I have studied Chinese since college but I have spent months maybe years without studying Chinese". I would appreciate it a lot if you could give me some grammar points on these two.

4.-I would like to know how to say "I went to that school" "I went to college" and "I graduated from the University and I studied -major-"

Thank you!

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    cos there's no conjugations in chinese,so when it comes to some tense (like present perfect tense you gave before),we often use some adverbs to express tenses.
    I went to that school.我去了那所学校.
    I went to college.我去上学
    I graduated from the University.我从大学毕业.
    I studied major.我主修....


    1. Chinese people have strong community consciousness . They prefer in a group rather than alone.That is why Chinese people would say "我们国家"“我们学校”“我们老师” mostly. "我的国家" is also correct. It depends.
    2.The left I think Antonio answers quite well.

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