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what is the difference between 번호 and 숫자?

When I use first term and when second and are they interchangeable?

Thank you in advance.

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    They are not interchangeable.

    번호 is used to mark items or list things.
    ex) 1번 후보 candidate number one
    ex) 1번 문 Gate 1
    ex) 101번 방 Room 101

    숫자 is a general term for a number. 숫자 can be big or small, and can be calculated. Similar to a figure.
    ex) 숫자가 크다/작다 The number is big/small.
    ex) 여러 숫자들이 많다 There are many different numbers.
    ex) 숫자 계산 calculation of numbers

    수치 is a resulting number after measurement or calculation.
    ex) 혈압수치 blood pressure

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