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一个小问题: 怎么说 "He hit his head on the wall"?


I want to say, "He hit his head on the wall."

What about, "He hit his head on the wall, and got a bad scrape (scratch)."

I'm sure this is not correct! What would you naturally say if this happened to your child?

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    this is more natual i think:他的头撞到了墙上(or撞到墙上了),擦破了皮,伤得很厉害.
    他把头撞了墙。is correct,but it mainly means...he's willing to let his head knock at the wall....


    "He hit his head on the wall."

    Personally i think how this sentence should be translated depends on the contexts, we would have totally different translations for different contexts.

    "He ran too fast, and then he hit his head on the wall." 他跑的太快了,他(的)头撞到墙了。
    "He was sulky all morning, his behavior was also kind of strange, he hit his head on the wall." 整个上午他闷闷不乐的,行为也反常,他用头去撞墙。

    As you can see, if someone hit his head on the wall by accident, we can say the following,
    他的小脑袋瓜儿磕到墙了。(humorously for kids)

    In other cases, if someone injures himself by doing that or has mental problem, i think we usually say the following,

    Just my two cents. Please let me know or correct me if you don't agree.:)

    Can you say "His head hit on the wall." in English?
    But in Chinese, head can be the subject and followed with verbs.


    他的头撞到墙(上)了, 擦破了皮, 很厉害.
    Your Chinese sentences don't sound very natural.

    BTW: While 他把头撞了墙 doesn't sound natural, we can say 他把腿摔断/坏了. Why? I don't know.

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