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How do I answar.

When people ask me that " How are you? "
I usually seanswer " I'm fine " " I' m good " becouse I have a few vocabulary.
I know that if I feel bad or have sick,I say like that.
I want to know that more common for native speaker.(I want to say more natulally.)
And If my feeling nothing special( not too well,not too bad and not too exciting) how do I say?

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    just so-so


    There are many ways to answer, but of course you're looking for a non-committal answer. There's nothing wrong with "I'm fine", "I'm good" or "I'm OK" so feel free to use those.

    You can also use "Can't complain." to mean the situation is neither bad nor good. Just in-between.

    However, here's the problem: your non-committal answer kills the conversation! I tire quickly of students who say "so-so" as a response because I hear, "well, I really don't want to speak much." So why even bother coming to class?

    The people I like talking to (learners and natives, in and out of class) are the ones who have something to say. As a learner, try to give a real answer instead of something neutral. It's all for your benefit.

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