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hi how can I learn turkish quickly?

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    Actually your qestions is very hard, but if you can find a teacher who knows your language and Turkish, this will can be speed way. because turkish is very hard language for teach if you aren't real language teacher. ( this is my opinion)

    after find teacher...
    watch turkish tv, listen turkish song(fun way), find friend from turkey, try to write diary...
    thats a good question and i am trying to find the answers :)

    Sanırım, herhangi bir dil öğrenirken yaptığımız gibi, Türkçe için de o dili yaşayarak öğrenmek ve tabi ki çalışmak...

    who runs fast they get tired quick,so try to use ur breaths a bit economical while learning Turkish:)

    hı ı am from turkey and ı can help you to learn turkısh also ı am learnıng englısh ıf you want you can teach me englısh :) ı am arzu ıf you want you can add my msn adress

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