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Who is going to help me learn Turkish?

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    i can help with writing practise :))

    I will help you. you talk or ask me. I wait you for holiday to turkey.
    Who is going to help me learn Turkish?
    Kim bana türkçe öğrenmemde yardımcı olabilir?

    Who: Kim
    Help : Yardım
    Learn : Öğrenmek

    My: Benim
    Answer: Cevap
    Me: Ben

    ı can help you :))
    me me me me me me me me..........
    fırst of all I would lıke to say hello jenny
    ı know very well, I am not a perfect teacher for you to teach turkısh maybe. but ı trust my self teach you fast...

    i can help you to learn Turkish? what do u wanna learn? just basic rules or speakin fluently?

    that wouldn't be help but the exchange of spanish and turkish, using english?!...write if you wish...

    ıf you help me ı help you
    Ago ws Turkos apo th Dytikh THRAKH mporw na se bweitheisw para poli kala. Dioti ksero Turkika kala kai ellinika kala. An thes prostheseme sto msn na ta poume kai na se mathw merika pragmata...

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