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"... der DFB könnte sie reformieren."

"Die Fifa hat ein Glaubwürdigkeitsproblem, der DFB könnte sie reformieren." (source:

How could I translate the second part of the sentence: "... der DFB könnte sie reformieren"? I'm particularly bewildered by "der" and "sie". "Der" seems to be a relative pronoun, but it is not in the accusative (as I think it should have been), and "sie" seems to be in the accusative too, though I wouldn't bet my life on it.

So please help me unravel all this.

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    Maybe you're confused because that are two main clauses just connected with a comma. Normally I guess you could add a simple, plain " und" or maybe a "aber" (which would make it a subclause (but which wouldn't change the word order in this case) between them.
    Anyway, the translation:
    The DFB could reform them.

    "Der DFB" is actually nominative and yes, "sie" is accusative (referring to FIFA, I guess). Hopefully this helps.

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