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Hello, everything ok?

I had the idea of italki count the hours of lessons we have made, to appear in our profil.

-What do you think about italki add that?

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    For me, the number of the sessions is not really matter! I believe when students find us helpful they keep taking sessions; so no worries if italki counts them correctly or not. ;) I Do feel great when my students start speaking and writing in Farsi after a short while. ;)

    Take a look at this sample!!

    This student have started to write only after 2 sessions and now she can communicate!!

    So this is what we all wanted to happen here! ;)

    Wish you all the best



    Hi, Sophia
    You mean the number of lessons we have taught? This is already showed in our Teacher's Profile.


    I'm not sure it would really matter too much but I guess it could be useful for showing off your experiences tutoring/teaching.


    Sure, Sophia, the more stats the better. For now, I mostly offer lessons of exactly one hour, so the number of lessons is the same as the number of hours, except for instant tutoring and trial sessions. If a student wants two or three hours straight, they're welcome to book consecutive lessons.

    Sophia: If you really want to do yourself and the Portuguese learning community a favor, I once again recommend that you correct your profile to show your country of origin as Portugal (of course, you can keep Germany as your country of residence). If you don't do that, it makes it really hard for students seaching for a European Portuguese teacher to find you using the automatic search function -- I'm sure no one is searching specifically for a Portuguese teacher from Germany.


    yeah, I don't really see the necessity for that statistic. Pretty much all the info is already there... how much info do you really need? I think users already have plenty of info to go on.


    Actually, Elaine's right - the information is already there. You can see it all arranged in a table above the student feedback. The total number also appears directly under your profile picture, on your teacher profile.

    Or did you mean something else?


    It doesn't seem to say the total amount of hour that have been taught on your profile, at least not from what I can see. Do I think it's a good idea? Not necessarily. I think that each lesson should be rated based on the quality of the lesson and the students satisfaction with that individual lesson opposed to total hours taught.


    Ok. I got it, Sophia. I don't think that would matter that much. Because some people don't really read teacher's profile. I receive a lot of messages daily of people who think I will teach for free. The information about the prices is there, but they don't pay attention to that. I have to explain the difference between being a teacher and a language partner all the time. I think you should send your suggestion to Italki, then they can analyse if it will be useful.

    It's a good idea for showing efficiency of lessons


    I think this a Great idea ...... but I don`t have a lot of hours to show it ^^


    Great idea, as Sophie says... It would be fairer to count how many hours were given that just how many classes. I think the stat would be more accurate, altough I agree with Eliane, that many people don't really read our profiles...


    I don't think it would make a big difference. Though I do get curious about how many 30, 45, 60, 90, etc minute classes a teacher has, it (in my opinion) has nothing to do with how well he or she teaches and is irrelevant.

    What's more important is the number of students vs the number of total sessions. There's a big difference between a teacher who has 400 sessions from 50 students, versus a teacher who has the same 400 sessions from 380 students. When doing a basic search, this information is unfortunately no longer available, however it is still in the teacher's full profile.

    Italki, please bring this feature back!!

    Maybe it would be helpful for teachers to specify that "one session does not necessarily equal one hour" in their profile.


    It's already there.
    How many lessons we've had, how many stars out of 5 we have etc.

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