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how do i say the following if bulgarian?

-how are you?
-i am fine
-thank you

thank you to anyone who helps me with these translations

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    добро утро - greetings
    добър ден
    добър вечер
    как сте? - how are you?
    Добре - well
    Благодаря - thanks

    hello - /zdravei/(informal) or /zdraveite/(slightly more formal)

    how are you - /kak si/ (informal) or /kak ste/ (formal)

    i am fine - /dobre sam/ ("sam" would sound a bit like the English "some" - in English there's no total
    equivalent of the sound or of the letter with which it is written)

    thank you - /blagodarya/ (the stress is on the last syllable)

    and a bonus, please - /molya/ ;-)


    One more thing. You can actually use "merci" instead of "blagodarya". It is used very often, also in combinations such as "mersi mnogo" (thanks a lot). Just make the "r" more pronounced, as in "trill" (as opposed to "tire").

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