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What are the most difficult in learning a language? (internal and external factors)

I work as a secretary. A friend in the same level with me doesn't speak English at all. She doesn't want to learn it. What's so difficult? But we actually need it since sometimes people call from abroad and they need to speak to someone in the company. And guess, that it's me again take over that matter.
I learned English by myself since junior high school (well, not that fluent) but it gives me advantages now. At least I have
I don't understand those who don't want to learn other's languages.

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    "Language" is a broad subject, so extensive, that the question cannot be simply answered.

    As Kapil indicates, Chinese can be regarded as a difficult language to learn, and that is perhaps because one must learn one of the worlds most complex writing systems to write the language. Other languages will offer the same difficulty. I am sure English is difficult also for the same reason for people in some countries.

    Foreign students of English, are usually taught the language as an issue of Grammatical Rules, all of which must be learned and memorized. That is not how Native Speakers of English learn it; but, it is difficult to change what foreign teachers do with the English language.

    Also, foreign students of language, see English as a language with Rigid and Inflexible usages. Many times in these Answer forums, foreign students of English will list a series of Synonymous Terms and ask about the differences between the terms. The concept of Synonymous meanings seems to be beyond the foreign student's understanding. Perhaps the reason that is in countries other than the United States, language is a rigid and inflexible construction, founded in absolute understandings. English is however, a flexible language, allowing much freedom of expression, and epitomized in the artistry of William Shakespeare.

    More power to you Marina. May all of your studies be pleasant and may all of your efforts meet with success.


    I think "Chinese" !!

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