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How do you find friends here? Just add people to your list like crazy?

I am just curious about how you guys find friends here. If you are interested in someone (or his/her profile), do you just go ahead and add the person to your list of friends (assuming the person will accept the request) or do try chatting to the person first and then try adding him/her as your friend?

I think I just would like to know if it would be (im)proper to add people to your friend list without chatting first. Thanks for your comments.

By now, you might wonder why I ask this question. Well, I have been here for a couple of weeks and have made a few friends here. But I would like to make friends to practice English with or to exchange our native languages.

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    For me, I see the profile and see if we have something in common or something that I can help with, for example, I speak Arabic so when I recieve an invitation from a friend who wants to learn the Arabic I add him/her as i can help. I totally agree with Jura about looking at people's answers, the latter could uncover some sides of that person's personality and his/her characters and then see if we have something in common.

    Hi, I think it's polite to answer a few of the italki questions and see from people's answers whether you have anything in common. Maybe both or more are from China, Japan etc Then you could exchange a few emails and ask them if their time difference makes it possible to voice chat with them. Then agree on a time.

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