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Finishing telephone conversations

When I'm talking to my tutor on Skype I'm not sure how to finish our conversation. In English I often use a polite series of phrases or endings to draw a conversation to a close. It goes something like this:

(A conversation has happened)
Me: Ok, well thanks for a lovely class. (this indicates that I'm happy to finish the conversation here. It gives both parties time to bring up anything else they urgently need to talk about)
Tutor: Ok, well I'll see you next time (Their response indicates that they too are happy to end the conversation)
Me: Hope you have a nice day (Some general pleasantry)
Tutor: you too (their response)
Me: Goodbye
Tutor: Goodbye (The conversation has now finished and I can safely hang up without causing offence)

Is this kind of politeness necessary in Bulgarian, and how might this scenario go in Bulgarian?

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    Your example of conversation flow sounds to me quite natural, literally translated in Bulgarian:

    *Ами, добре - (quite informal - analog to "Ok, well,")

    Ами, добре*, благодаря за прекрасния урок.
    Ами, добре*, ще те видя (or "ще се видим") следващия път.

    Пожелавам ти приятен ден!
    Аз също!


    Actually you could use most of the casual phrases (in their translations) in such conversations. Honestly I don't think there's a significant cultural difference.

    PS. In phone conversations especially , most used is "Дочуване!"


    maybe the end of your conversations would look like this:
    You: Благодаря за хубавия урок! Желая ти приятен ден
    Tutor: Подобно! И на теб хубав ден!
    You: Дочуване!
    Tutor: Дочуване!

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